Custom Cedar Closet Designs

What is a Cedar Closet ?

Lining a closet with cedar transforms a plain box into a real-wood closet with a built-in look. Cedar wood closet is a trendy material used in closets. The rich, red color of cedar is attractive and sure to look good in nearly any home. If you are environmentally conscious, a cedar walk in closet is a perfect fit for you!

Cedar closets have multiple benefits:

  • Cedar deters damaging insects. Insects such as moths are repelled by the strong smell of cedar which will keep them from feasting on your clothes.
  • It will keep your home and your clothes smelling fresh.
  • Cedar helps prevent the spread of mold and mildew because it removes moisture from the air.
Our properly installed cedar walk in closet will offer a lifetime of protection to your clothes and other items stored in your closet.
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