How To Build A Custom Closet From Scratch?

You can build a custom closet from scratch. It would be best if you first designed the closet. After designing, you should remove the old closet part. Purchase the materials that are required and install a base. You can make closet units and install the shelving pieces. 

To organize and maintain clothes and other items properly, you need a closet with great space. You don’t have to spend much. You can get an excellent spacious closet at low prices.

Required Materials to design a custom closet:

To design a closet, you need proper materials. Without them, you cannot build a closet. The most popular material used for designing is melamine. Most people choose Melamine and wood as their first options for building a closet. The durability of Melamine is the same as that of natural wood.

Melamine is more economical than wood. Melamine is widely used for closet fabrication as it is affordable. Even though wood is a popular choice, melamine gives the best aesthetic looks. You can also choose metal shelving as they are also very stable. After deciding on the materials, you can start building the closet.

Steps to build a custom closet from Scratches:

You must be tired of your unorganized and small space closet. You can build a perfect closet for your house if you follow the proper steps. The steps that are involved in building a Custom closet are:

Step 1. Grab the wood that you have chosen for your closet. Cut the wooden pieces using a utility knife.

Step 2. To assemble all the pieces use glue and nails. You can also paint the edges before assembling them.

Step 3. Try using 8d nails in the center of the closet where you have placed the drawers. 

Step 4. Make sure that the framework of the drawers are square in shape. 

Step 5. To make your closet stable try adding studs to the wall and the closet.

Step 6. To support the shelving add two studs in the wall.

Step 7. Place all the remaining shelves using the same procedure.

Step 8. Glue the end of the edges of the drawers with 4d nails after you are done inserting screws to the vertical dividers.

Step 9. Add screws on the front side of the drawers from inside and also at the bottom.

Step 10. Insert the drawer frame at the right position and insert the drawer. Make sure that the screws are inserted at the right level. 

You can build a custom closet by following the steps mentioned above. The steps are straightforward, and you can get a spacious closet for less.

Schedule an appointment to make your home:

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