Everything About Closets that You Needed to Know

Closets are usually integrated into the home, so most people don’t think about them as perfectly curated spaces that make their lives easier. But having a custom-designed closet can be a perk that you never knew you needed so much. At Closets Creation, we ensure that you get the best closet that suits your personality and gives you tons of extra space.

When considering a poorly designed closet versus a new one that is custom built, people may not think about much more than a price difference. In fact, though, a good closet can transform a much larger portion of the home. A well-crafted closet will give you more functional space for many years to come. However, there are several things to consider when it comes to closet design. Here, we have a few ideas that will guide you when it comes to building your custom closet shelves.

Type Of Closet You Want: 

Generally, you can either design a closet or redesign it. Wall closets and walk-in closets are the most common form of closet types for bedrooms. A wall closet has a typical length of about 60 inches and a depth of about 24 inches. Walk-in closets are more spacious in terms of layout and will require more built-in space by default. Whenever you plan to build a wall closet or walk-in closet, make sure the overall space criteria is considered.

Consider Your Closet Space: 

Before buying or renovating a closet, make sure that you have enough space, or else you will have to sacrifice some of your room. The benefit of a custom-built closet is that it fits well into your required area and does not take up extra space. All you need is to be accurate with your dimensions in order to reallocate the space for more efficient use.

Get Your Current Closet Organized 

Always try to have maximum space within your closet. You need to have accurate measures of your room space so that your customized closet will fit perfectly. The best way to find out the space required for your wardrobe is to have an understanding of all your belongings. This includes knowing what you truly want to keep as well as what you don’t. It’s good to try to donate some of your excess stuff, otherwise messes will just be relocated from their current location to the new closet.

When our design specialist approaches your place, you need to be specific regarding your belongings. This way, your custombuilt closet will be made exactly how you need it.

Sharing A Closet 

If you are a couple and planning your closet, think about each individual’s items. It’s not just about having separate sides; you have to order the right size and type of hangers to accommodate the clothing and sizing.

To avoid wrinkles, you can use different techniques in how you hang your clothes. There is not necessarily a hard requirement for dividing the closet into equal halves; instead, make sure to simply make a space that properly fulfills the demand for both people. 

Ergonomics Matter in the Design Process

Your open shelves should not be placed too high or too low. They should generally be at your waist height or a little above your chest height for maximum convenience. You can also add the features of front drawers, which can be placed underneath the open shelves for added space.

Managing your space intelligently will give you even more freedom. When it comes to your occasional clothes and accessories, place them at the top of your closet, and the regular-use items can be placed closer to eye level.

When you have perfectly organized custom closet shelves, you need not have to consider rearranging your stuff constantly. On the very first go, you can place your belongings where you want to put them and know where your items are every time you need them.

Limit Your Closet Drawers

We know that you need sufficient space for all your pieces of jewelry, accessories, and other things. Make sure to have the proper measurements that you will require for these items. Consider limiting your drawers, as they tend to take up more space than the shelves. Having more shelves than drawers will also help you identify more of your stuff at a glance, making it even easier to get ready for the day.  

In addition, with the right closet you can: 

  • Finally get those shoes off the floor: People usually stuff their shoes at the bottom of their closets, but we have a little insider tip for you: shoes should be placed at mid-height. We can’t wait til you try for yourself—you wouldn’t believe how much easier it becomes to get ready when you place your shoes a bit higher up in your closet!
  • Add a little luxury: Some options for a luxe feel include glass doors or sliding panels for lower racks. This adds value to the space, cleans up your room, and maximizes ease of use.

Here at Closets Creation, our designers are experts in making your closet and getting the shape and size you need for all your important things. This is because we are one of the best custom closet company. We never skimp on quality when it comes to our valued customers. Get rid of your organizational stress and talk to us for a personalized solution!  

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