How To Easily Organize Everything In Your Wooden Closet ?

Maintaining and organizing your closet or wardrobe is not an easy task, especially if you have limited space. Here are some tips from the expert designers at Closets Creation to help you save time and space and achieve an organized closet.

1- Arrange your clothes by category:

First of all, you should decide which clothes are still needed for you and then sort them by their type. You should create a system for organizing your clothes. You can create groups for pants, shirts, sweaters, etc. and divide them into specific spaces in your wood closet shelving. Or, some people prefer to arrange the sections according to function such as casual, formal, and  business.

2- Sell your unwanted clothes:

There are many unused clothes in your closet, and you have not used these clothes for a long time. So, as a result, old clothes take up space in your closet. You can avoid this by checking all your clothing and selecting the items you use regularly. You can sell or give away the rest. If a few worn, old clothes are there, you can use them for washing and cleaning purposes. After completing this process, you can easily organize your closet as per your needs.

3- Keep your most frequently used items in the front of the closet:

After determining your clothing space in your closet, you can position your most frequently used items in front of your wood closet storage. For example, you can place your daily-used clothes in front of your closet rather than your sweaters, which you use in the cold season only. If you find your needy things quickly, you can save a lot of time. This process also helps you identify your clothes, which you no longer use. When you clean your closet, you can find your old clothes in the back of the closet.

4- Make use of storage bins and cubbies:

It will be challenging to organize smaller items such as underwear, t-shirts, and other small items in the closet. It can be solved by using a storage bin that can divide your large portion into smaller manageable pieces, and you can put your smaller items in them. Closets Creation specializes in custom designed shelving, cubbies, and more.

5- Add more hanging rods into your closet:

You can manage your closet space by using hanging rods. Adding another rod can double your closet space if your clothes are on hangers. Closets Creation provides strong, stable installation so you know you can rely on the rods to stay in place and hold their weight. Multiple rods in the closet makes room for more shelving storage below.

6- Use levelling: 

You should level your bins or baskets where you store your smaller items. So, you can find those items quickly when you are in a hurry. The designers at Closets Creation can help you develop a system that will be functional, organized, and look nice.

7- Stack your bulky items:

You can save a lot of space by stacking thick, bulky sweaters and jeans on your shelves. These shelves are made for wide items, and you can find these items easily by looking at the pile.

Your daily life will be difficult if you have an untidy and unorganized closet. So, use these tips to manage your closet easily. If you require maximum storage space and some great ideas, you can contact us for a consultation!

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