7 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Custom Closet System

“Closets are a great place for anyone to store their personal belongings, but with today’s market being flooded by various brands and styles of closets, it can be overwhelming when deciding what type of custom closet you want. We’ll take a look at 7 mistakes to avoid making when designing your closet organizer system.”

1- Not Understanding Proper Room Planning

One thing to consider when planning your closet is the size of the space. If you are building a custom closet system and not using a prefabricated one, you must first create room planning. Room planning lets you know how many shirt hangers, shoe racks, hooks, shelves, etc., will be needed and where they should go. Having a closet design specialist can make sure you’re getting fitted to maximize storage and style.

2- Improper Budgeting

One of the worst things people do when designing a closet is set a budget they can’t afford. It would help if you always were realistic with your budget for a closet system, and you need to know what it will take to get the job done well. Closet Creations offers a wide variety of options to fit every budget and will work with you to achieve the best results at an affordable price.

3- Compromising Your Style

When planning your project, this is the most important thing because you should know exactly what you want before diving in head first. If you already have a design idea in mind but are still not sure, look to friends and family members for opinions on the design and material quality and color palettes that would complement your room. It’s important to make sure you don’t compromise your own ideas. Be clear and open with us and we’ll make your vision a reality.

4- Under/overestimating Storage Needs

Most people choose a custom closet system for its sheer convenience. However, many factors need to be considered before actually signing up for a product. You should make sure you have enough storage space and think about how much you’ll want your items exposed in the future. Compartmentalization is very important for organization and storage. For example, knowing how many cubbies or drawers you can fit is key.

5- Treating Your Closet as “One Size Fits All”

Just as your home decor and clothing choices are an expression of yourself, your closet that stores them should also be a reflection of your aesthetic and needs. It can transform how you think about storage and Wood Closet Shelving to suit your lifestyle. If you do not plan your space the right way, you could end up with something that doesn’t support your end goals.

6- Not Asking Yourself Important Questions

It would help if you asked yourself important questions about your wardrobe design to know what you want for your personal needs. These questions should begin with “What am I trying to achieve?” and “What do I love the most?” Be honest with yourself and your designer to find the perfect balance of design and functionality.

7- Trying To Do Everything By Yourself

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing a custom closet system is trying to do everything by themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t consider how difficult installing these types of systems is, and since there are so many variables, they might end up with something less-than-optimal. Instead of DIY, hire a professional who has experience with this type of work.

Custom closets are filled with many different options for the homeowner in terms of functionality, style, and construction. However, these are some mistakes one should avoid when designing their custom closet system. At Closets Creations, we come as one of the best closet design companies in Philadelphia for our effective work with the best design and sturdiness. So, contact us now! 

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