8 Closet Organizing Ideas That Will Keep Your Home Cleaner

Clothes scattered in a closet or cupboard and not kept properly can create a mess. It is important to keep the wardrobe clean and well-arranged. After all, storing clothes, towels, linen, and shoes properly protects them from dust, dirt, and moisture. 

If you don’t store your clothes and other stuff in the cupboard right, it can look as though you simply moved the clutter from the room into the closet! Maintaining cleanliness of the Wood Closet Shelving and keeping it well-organized is the key to a neat and clean bedroom.

1- Place Similar Clothes Together

Keep similar clothes together in your cupboard. Group clothes like blouses, shirts, pants, skirts, etc in their own designated areas in the closet. Make sure that shirts are with other shirts and pants are with other pants. Store your clothes neatly on the closet storage shelves.

  • Make a stack of the same type of clothes and keep it neatly in the wardrobe. 
  • If you use some clothes daily or frequently, place them on the shelves at an eye level so that it is easy to find them when you need them.

2- Use Uniform Hangers That Match

Buy uniform hangers for the cupboard and use them. Instead of using hangers of different types, it looks much nicer to have hangers of the same type, color, and size that look the same. Mismatched hangers lend a cluttered appearance, even if everything else in the closet is organized.

3- Hang Belts And Ties On Door Hooks

Door hooks are great for hanging belts and ties in a cupboard.

  • Get the hooks fixed to the wall by professionals. 
  • Hooks can also be attached to the external part of the door.
  • You can use the door hook to hang and store scarves, too. 

4- Sort Handbags By Using Dividers

Keeping purses and handbags in a cupboard is a good idea. You can arrange your handbags perfectly if you use dividers to separate and store them. Dividers will keep the handbags in a straight position, which is especially important for high-end items.

5- Store Clothes In Baskets And Storage Bins

  • Some people like to use fabric baskets, while some prefer the wicker baskets 
  • Buying and using a bin that has a lid is the best option for a polished appearance
  • If you have a problem recognizing which bin you have kept the clothes, you can label the bins. 

6- Put Containers In The Upper Part Of The Closet

Use the top of your wardrobe to keep things you don’t use or wear as much.

  • The upper area of the cupboard often goes unutilized and wasted, as many people don’t keep anything in it. Make a shelf in the upper part of the wardrobe and place your containers in it to save space.
  • It is the best option for storing things that are not used frequently in the home.
  • Label the containers so that it is easy to recognize the contents. 

7- Store Toys In Clear Boxes

  • Keep the toys well organized in clear boxes. Using transparent storage boxes will help your child identify and locate the toys easily.
  • You can also label the bins, especially if they aren’t transparent.  

8- Use Boot Trees To Store Footwear And Boots

Use a cupboard for storing shoes and boots. Organizing boots and footwear by using boot trees is often the best option.

  • Hanging the boots helps them retain their shape
  • Boot trees save valuable floor space  

Using a strategy for storing clothes in cupboards makes your bedroom look neat and clean, as well as maximize the space you have available. 

Ultimately, there are many ways of arranging a cupboard or closet. What’s important is that you fix it up in a way that works best for you and your family. If you’re considering a custom cupboard to step up your organization levels, contact us at Closets Creation today!

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