What Should You Consider Before Designing A Closet?

Reaching into or walking into your closet is one of the first things that you do each day, so we know that it should be a place where you find harmony and excellence—not a stressful mess! Regarding the handicraft, we work with you to change your closet into a coordinated, even relaxing, space. In addition, your routine can become more straightforward with the advantages that a custom framework can provide. Maximizing your space is key to gaining a newfound sleekness and ease to your wardrobe selection. 

Who doesn’t want to set a great tone for the day? Our work changes your closet from messy to beautiful, fixing the space into an everlasting and versatile part of the home. By teaming up with our master designers, your closet storage shelves will be perfectly coordinated with your personality. You can even feel and be more productive by having a closet that makes an organized and stress-free morning possible. Check out a few of our highlights below: 

  • We work as custom closet organizers.
  • We work with your unique taste.
  • We organize and design closets to be easily accessible. 
  • Nothing makes us happier than helping you maximize your space and organization.
  • We work on your budget and time frame to get you the best results possible and ensure your satisfaction.

For those who are hoping to play a part in the planning of their space, a custom-designed closet takes into account many options. If you have ever searched “custom shelves near me,” you might have been surprised at what you found. Racks, flexible apparel poles, drawers, various compartment types, and divider snares are just a few of the options that can help you save space and ensure everything has its proper home. A custom closet space with paint and backdrop will likewise help to add a unique touch. We can help you with: 

  • Inventory: The initial step to any extra storage configuration is taking into account all the stuff you need to store. It’s especially significant for closet storage shelves. Oftentimes, you have to be critical. For example, how many pairs of shoes do you have? How are you going to store those ties that you rarely wear, but need to keep in good condition? Everything must have its proper place—the last thing you want is to make a new space for the same mess!
  • Organization: If you are getting a custom design, get excited to look at your new space and feel utterly thrilled! A sense of flow, however, is vital as you consider how you want your items to be stored. For example, arranging your things by size won’t just maximize each and every inch, it makes everything look and feel more simple, streamlined, and balanced. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:
  1. How much clothing do I need to hang?
  2. Do I have overcoats or long dresses that need extra space?
  3. Are there clothes that shouldn’t be placed in a drawer?
  • Layout: We help you decide the size of each component of your closet based on exactly where you want to place your belongings. The objective is to make extra space and utilize every inch to the fullest. When you hire the right designers, a custom storage area can achieve what you need in less space than you might think.
  • Prioritization: If you’re choosing a new and custom-made closet, it’s important to carefully plan every aspect of the new space. We love helping our customers plan their ideal closet and gain a sense of clarity and freedom with their home environment. However, two different people may need two very different spaces—your wardrobe is likely very different from your neighbor’s. Planning a custom storage room should mirror your way of life, habits, and style.

 As one of the most established custom design closet companies, we at Closets Creation understand that your closet should be an extension of you. Our designers put their heart and soul into creating personalized closets that suit our customers’ lifestyles. We hold expertise in providing you with the best custom closet designs you could ever imagine. Regardless of whether your dream closet is a reach-in, walk-in, or a whole extra room, our experts and custom planners have the vision and innovation to transform a fantasy into your real space. 

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